Testers Need for Rivendell start up script on Ubuntu Lucid

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I think I have managed to solve the realtime priorities issue with the ubuntu sysv startup init script. However now I need testers to test and see if the INIT INFO header that I added will be honored by upstart. I am not ready to write upstart scripts for Rivendell yet. They say on their site that the format for the scripts is not totally set and could change so I am trying to get the sysv init script to where it works. I do not have a fast enough test machine for this. I know some on the list have reported this problem. I had one report where they cpu was a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz.

The symptoms are Rivendell does not start or complains that /var/run does not exists. There maybe others. The problem only occurs on boot up. After the boot up is complete starting Rivendell works fine.

If you are interested in testing download this shared file and follow the instructions contain therein.


I have also added a feature where the script will wait for jackd to be started if you set a variable for that.

How to get Rivendell to start with Real Time Priorites on boot up

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You may have noticed on your Ubuntu install (using debian.tryphon.org packages, this includes RRAbuntu Live CD Installs) of Rivendell that real time priorities do not get enable when it starts on boot up but if you restart after booting it does.

This assumes you have setup (or it was setup for you) like in this Rivendell wiki page on real time limits.

If you check your messages log. System>Administration>Log File Viewer>messages

You will find lines that either say Rivendell started with real time priorities or not.

Sep 23 16:12:47 rrabuntu caed: using realtime scheduling, priority=8

Sep 22 16:19:16 rrabuntu caed: Unable to set realtime scheduling: Operation not permitted

Obviously the second line is not what you want to see. It appears that the the problem is the start-stop-daemon that is being used in the sysv init script. Replacing the line from /etc/init.d/rivendell

start-stop-daemon –start –oknodo –chuid $DAEMON_USER –exec “/usr/bin/$daemon”

with a simple su command to change the user, like so:

su $DAEMON_USER -c “/usr/bin/$daemon”

allows the Rivendell daemons to start with real time priorities on boot.

Happy real time priority booting of Rivendell!

PS Any feedback on whether this still allows jackd to work with Rivendell would be appreciated.