RRAbuntu 1.13 Pre-Install/Demo walk-through

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Hi all!

In my work on the RRAbuntu project we have endeavored to make the installation of Rivendell and Ubuntu as easy as possible. The project went from being commands to run in the terminal to get it all setup to what it is today a script with a GUI interface that helps the installer through the process.

It seems that some are still having problems with understanding what to do once the RRAbuntu 1.13 CD boots up. So, in the spirit of trying to make things easier here is a walk through that should get you either demoing or installing RRAbuntu.

If you insert the CD and then boot the computer, if your computer is setup to boot off of CDs it will load up. First you will see a screen with an icon at the bottom.

Keyboard press = human intervention

Just wait. In time you will see this screen. It can take some time for this as the computer needs to uncompress the operating system. The time it takes depends on your computer speed, amount of memory and CD/DVD drive speed. Do not do anything until the desktop with icons appears.


Select "Try Ubuntu 10.04 LTS"

Here you can select your language and then you will want to select “Try Ubuntu 10.04 LTS“. After that you will see the desktop and a read me file will be brought up in a window like this:

RRAbuntu Welcome Readme - Screenshot

Just a readme not a menu.

This is just a readme not a menu. To run the demo double-click on the icon on the desktop labeled “Demo RRAbuntu” to install RRAbuntu double-click on the “Install RRAbuntu” icon.

RRAbuntu Desktop icons

Click on these icons to demo or install RRAbuntu

After clicking on these icons a script will be started that will walk you through the process. If you click on the Install RRAbuntu icon you will see this  dialog with a question pop up to confirm that you really want to install.

Install RRAbuntu?

Install RRAbuntu?

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