Setting aside the things that weigh us down…

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I have decided to do  something about the extra weight that  I have hanging around. In the past I found the palm pilot  Eat Watch tool very helpful to give feed back in losing weight but I have not been using my palm. I was happy to see that John Walker now has a on-line tracking system that allows me to track my weight and see the results. If you want to understand the tool and the thinking behind how to use it to loose weight read John Walker’s the Hacker’s Diet.

The Hacker’s Diet Online allows you to post a widget tracking your status. Since I only started this week I only have the results for this week in the widget, but I have set it to display the trend for the last month.  If you are looking to lose weight too I would encourage you to not give up and join me now.  Check back later to see my widget and how I am doing.

The Hacker's Diet Online

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I changed the badge to the 7 day trend as since I do not have data but for a few days more than a week it look better that way. 😉

frederickjh @ 24.Oct.2010 23:50

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