Testers Need for Rivendell start up script on Ubuntu Lucid

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I think I have managed to solve the realtime priorities issue with the ubuntu sysv startup init script. However now I need testers to test and see if the INIT INFO header that I added will be honored by upstart. I am not ready to write upstart scripts for Rivendell yet. They say on their site that the format for the scripts is not totally set and could change so I am trying to get the sysv init script to where it works. I do not have a fast enough test machine for this. I know some on the list have reported this problem. I had one report where they cpu was a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66GHz.

The symptoms are Rivendell does not start or complains that /var/run does not exists. There maybe others. The problem only occurs on boot up. After the boot up is complete starting Rivendell works fine.

If you are interested in testing download this shared file and follow the instructions contain therein.


I have also added a feature where the script will wait for jackd to be started if you set a variable for that.



Interesting background picture… that’s not Rivendell on your computer screen šŸ˜‰

Daniel @ 03.Dec.2010 04:13


No it is not. The picture is from the last radio station I worked at and it is WaveStation and WaveCart. Before I left we had talked about switching to Rivendell but since I left they decided to go with Simian because of the similar interface so the workers would not need to be retrained. But they have had a number of problems with Simian, I hear ;).

frederickjh @ 05.Dec.2010 16:34



I use this little script to set everything up properly for Rivendell on Ubuntu – it depends on screen (sudo apt-get install screen) but starts JACK in a screen session so you can go in and have a look at JACK’d health with screen -x (ctrl a+d to detatch). This is occasionally handy.

service rivendell stop
sleep 5
screen -DmS jack jackd -dalsa -dhw:0 -r48000 -p256 -n3 -s &
sleep 5
service rivendell start

(After this, go start rdairplay or whatever you want running on that box)

It’s not perfect but it works pretty well without needing to worry about JACK init scripts- just run this on login and you’re sorted.

Should work on headless boxes, too, but you’ll want to put this somewhere like rc.local or somesuch.

James Harrison @ 16.Feb.2011 03:15


One user e-mailed me to say that the link to the script was not working. Seems that Ubuntu One changed something. I use to be able to include the file name after the link so that it would automatically download the file. Now I cannot. My browser opens the file in a new browser window. If your does too, to save it right-click and select something like “Save linked content as …”

frederickjh @ 09.Apr.2011 22:59

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